Founded in early 2010 by Paige Boersma during her final year of study, Bicyclette grew out of a love affair with the independent fashion and retail industries, an appreciation for all things style and design-oriented, and a healthy dose of dreaming. Bicyclette Boutique is an independent retailer that offers a finely curated assortment of merchandise, drawing inspiration from a whimsical, nostalgic aesthetic and mixing it with a modern, downtown feel. Bicyclette believes in the beauty of juxtaposition and unexpected pairings: street style meets fairy tale. The boutique is focused on creating an atmosphere of collaboration and open attitude, providing an interactive and stimulating visual environment, both online and in-store. 

The boutique launched online in August 2010, hosted multiple pop-up shops in late 2010, and opened a permanent location at 880 Queen St. West in March 2011. 

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It’s no secret that friendship bracelets are the accessory du jour this summer, and after hosting our own arm parties last week on the blog, Emma and I decided we needed a few more additions, and what better way to than by making our own? Two afternoons later, and we’ve made countless wrapped bracelets in a number of different combinations. We followed the instructions on Honestly WTF (the queens of DIY) and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Since our summer clothing sale is still in full swing, we’ve paired our new creations with a few of our favourite pieces, and included the sale prices for easy calculation. We have a few of the bracelets for sale in the shop, and will be adding more once we stock up on supplies.